Competence in theory and practice

Workshop offers

Complicated topics are explained in simple and understandable ways and come to life with examples from practice. These meetings provide deeper understanding of the daily challenges facing your course and superintendent.

Workshop topic selection:

Pesticide-free lawns - the future in lawn maintenance

Selective work - reduce costs & mowing intervals

Successfully renovated greens - costs for new saved

You can choose the location and the duration of the training, so I ask you to contact me by phone to coordinate.

I look forward to your call.


Cutting under dry condition

Learn about the benefits for turf and budgets


Learn more about the basics of professional lawn care

Influence of trees

Learn more about what influences trees have on the playing surface

Automatic irrigation

Learn what to look for and what risks it entails

Soil compaction

Learn to read your rootzone/soil and specifically improve the quality

Disturbance Theory

Learn more about the secret of "minor disturbance"


Learn how to deal with unloved pitch marks

Properly fertilizing

Learn what matters ecologically and economically

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I am looking forward to meet you

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