What is grass?

Today grass has a variety of purposes. It wasn’t always so. Barely 50 years ago turfgrass breeders began creating hybrid grasses for specific climate, soil and water conditions.

Today, the use of grass ranges from pure ornamental, and sports fields, to complex ecological renaturalization and soil stabilization projects.  Every year new grass strains hit the market with the aim of less water use, more cold or heat tolerance, finer blades, more density, etc. They’re aggressively seeking to improve the turf type characteristics so they survive better in all manner of stressful environments.

Healthy turf when expertly managed is not just beautiful, but accomplishes valuable ecological tasks.  It protects the soil from erosion, regulates water and reduces nutrient losses.  It serves as a habitat for innumerable animals and microorganisms, and the constant photosynthesis converts CO2 into oxygen. Air quality is improved, dust particles are absorbed and pollutants removed from the air.  Turfgrass is all these things as well as a water filter, cleansing it before it reaches the groundwater table.

Mr. Lischka remains current about turf improvements and whether seeded or sodded turf, a new or historic golf course, he will provide you information about the finest, most practical, and latest in turfgrass technology.

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