How good is the quality of your playing surfaces?

Only healthy grass roots provide healthy and first-class playing surfaces, so the truth about the condition of your plant lies below the lawn.

With a monitoring of your rootzone of your greens etc, the Turffox presents alternative solutions for different problems (among others thatch, moss, algae and black layer) in different locations

Soil Compaction

Soil compaction is a form of damage to the soil structure in which the soil components are brought closer together, usually via some type of force. Machines, foot traffic, etc.

Plants lose much health through compaction. Cavities in the soil normally filled with air and water are drastically reduced. The compacted soil prevents oxygen exchange, and the flushing of gasses from rain events. Soil organisms activity and the ability to produce healthy roots is reduced. In short, compaction is great for stress and disease.

Solving the problems of compaction, especially when using mechanical solutions requires a lot of knowledge and feel. For example, carrying out such procedures under less than ideal soil conditions, can cause even more damage. Unfortunately, this happens too frequently due to time pressures associated with satisfying a busy membership.

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