The Turffox on German television

On April 1, 2020, Norbert Lischka - The Turffox was a guest on German television. In the show "The perfect lawn - how does it work?" As an expert, he gave advice amongst other things to treat moss and mowing lawn under best conditions at home.

Many gardeners know the problem with moss in lawn. Norbert Lischka - The Turffox explains, that it depends on the nature of the soil and the location of the lawn. Soil compaction, moisture and pH value play an important role. As well, shade or treeroots can have a negative influence for a healthy growth. The lack of wind and sun are not good circumstances for a dense and healthy turf. He shows how to remove moss professionally, how to prepare the ground for reseeding and which types of grass and fertilizers are used to achieve the best result, a beautiful lawn.

You also learn to pay attention to sharp knives to "cut" the and not "hit" your lawn. This injures the grasses, which means that the lawn needs more water and fertilizer to regenerate. As a recommendation, sharpen the blades of your lawnmower at least twice a year or switch to the traditional reel mower, so that you get the finest cut.

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