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Over 100 greens saved from new construction

"In addition to this positive development, Rasenfuchs is also available to assist the golf club team with its expertise throughout the season with questions regarding further care measures. The Golfclub Erding-Grünbach e.V. is very satisfied with the collaboration with Rasenfuchs and can recommend his work without reservation."

Rudolf Bauschmid


Golfclub Erding-Grünbach e.V.

Marc Ober


Golfclub Erding-Grünbach e.V


"Quality has a name: Norbert Lischka. We are still very enthusiastic about the exchange, the recommendations and the course control in order to be able to offer our members and guests a high-quality and sustainable golf course in the long term. Thank you very much for visiting!"

Saskia Zieschank
Club Managerin
Golfpark Leipzig

"In autumn 2018 started Norbert Lischka's cooperation with the golf course of the GC Gelstern Lüdenscheid-Schalksmühle e.V.
Thanks to his active help and advice, we were able to significantly improve the course- and maintenance quality within one year. Through his regular visits to our course, Mr. Lischka ensures, that we continue on the path towards more sustainability in our golf course maintenance. Since the beginning of the collaboration, we have been able to completely do without fungicides. We have significantly increased the percentage of Agrostis on our greens, which enables us to further reduce water consumption and improve the quality of our main areas of use.
Norbert Lischka not only ensured a better working atmosphere in our greenkeeping team, he also sensitized the understanding of the members, golfers and employees to the necessary work. Through its binding and mediating nature, it helps everyone to understand each other.
Every golf course would like a partner, consultant and friend Norbert Lischka and would benefit from it. I don't want to miss him ..."

Thorsten Stein
Managing Director GC Betriebs GmbH
GC Gelstern Lüdenscheid-Schalksmühle e.V.

"The truth is not above the green, it is underneath the green". This was the statement made by Mr. Lischka during our first joint site inspection in May 2016. Since then we have not only seen greenkeeping from a completely different perspective, but rather a process that has been ongoing up to now has been initiated with this statement. For me personally - who until then had only had very rudimentary knowledge of greenkeeping and regarded greenkeeping more as a “cost” position - the possibilities in this area became clear and the joy of greenkeeping was awakened.
Together with Mr. Lischka, the entire maintenance management system has been put to the test in recent years, details have been reconsidered and realigned in a future-oriented manner. With the best hands-on mentality, Mr. Lischka knows how to go ahead and involve the greenkeeping staff in the approaches so that not only a snapshot is created, but sustainability can actually be spoken of."

Golf hotel Balmer See
Bernd Heselhaus
Executive Director

"The maintenance effort of a golf course and especially the overview of the general development in the entire golf course maintenance area is becoming increasingly complex. Questions like "Are we the only ones having these problems?" "Are other clubs doing something better?" "How do we compare in comparison and where should we go in order to remain competitive?" Head Greenkeeper Ingo Burger contacted the Turf-Fox Norbert Lischka. We were looking forward to the expertise of the specialist and he was able to convince us very quickly that with a few changes in the maintenance plan and in the approach to problems, a significant quality improvement, especially of the greens, can be achieved. At the same time, he encouraged the entire greenkeeping and the management to get things going with patience and the necessary foresight. After 3 years of continuous cooperation, we have achieved that the appearance of the greens (conversion from initially over 85% Poa Annua content to now between 60-80% Agrostis content) and thus above all the resistance to diseases has improved significantly. The other areas of the golf course have also been considerably upgraded through the advice of Norbert Lischka regarding some changes. This is always confirmed by green fee players. Norbert Lischka also comes to us at regular intervals to carry out monitoring and to initiate and support the necessary maintenance measures that result. He is also available to help and advise us by phone or email at any time. This gives us all a good feeling of "all-round support", for which we are very grateful to Norbert Lischka."

Mischa Kind
Fully Qualified PGA Golf Professional
Golf Sport Park Groß Zimmern

"Norbert Lischka has been working on our golf course for two years. After a professional monitoring of the separate playing areas, it became apparent where to increase the intensity of maintanance measures in order to avoid new construction or reconstruction. (Savings of ca. 150.000,00€ for Tee’s). Convincing the management was successful due to his professional expertise as well as his straightforward manner. We managed to invest more working hours to the important playing elements and to considerably improve these by adjusting the machinery and elementally optimizing the mowing concept. One cannot only recommend Mr. Lischka as a consultant, but also as friend and colleague. He always is receptive to listening carefully, no matter whether it is about greenkeeping or private life!"

Bastian Manzke
Head Greenkeeper
Golfcourse Hofgut Scheibenhardt

“Norbert Lischka is a holistic greenkeeper. He is able to walk a tightrope: In the complicated tensions between playing golf and golf course maintenance, he achieves a perfect green combined with perfect ecology. The golf course in Hamburg Falkenstein is a jewel amongst german golfcourses and does not need to fear the international competition. Nowhereelse anything seems to be as natural, as if it has always been a golf course. Falkenstein is the home of golf and nature.”

Heinrich Sievert
Head Greenkeeper
GC Baden Baden

"I ve known Norbert now for around 15 years and have always found him to be a very enthusiastic, knowledgeable figure on the German greenkeeping scene. Never afraid to speak his mind,Norbert has always tried to implement traditional greenkeeping methods in a world obsessed with lush green golf courses. I have absolutely no doubt he will continue his career as an advisor in the same enthusiastic and honest manner that have served him well throughout his greenkeeping career."

Jake McEwan
Sport+ SPA Resort
A-ROSA Scharmützelsee



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